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Vero skill vs. Boston Breakers // July 20th, 2014

"She twists and turns, she changes direction. Everybody thinks she’s going that way and then she’s the other way. Our team’s got used to that now. They don’t go running in the direction Veró’s running in. They run almost in the opposite direction knowing she’s going to turn out and maybe look for a ball. She can beat you on the dribble. She can beat you with a pass." [ x ]

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Filed under jISOjri3owaj2io!!!!!!!!!!!! ON TV!!!!!! NOW EVERYONE CAN SEE HOW GREAT SHE IS LOOOOOOOOOK vero boquete best :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nwsl soccer portland thorns what a game i love how previews are always about famous players and the commentary is always about vero flawless queen

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God, this just made him 10x more perfect. 😍😍🇩🇪

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