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While some pull on their headphones and lose themselves in pre-game focus, O’Reilly prefers to dance around. ("She’s not good at dancing, but she tries," midfielder Megan Rapinoe said.) On the sidelines, her shouted words of encouragement carry over her teammates.

"I’m pretty laid back," she said. "A lot of the girls like to prank me and get me riled up."

Or at least they try. HAO, as she is known to her teammates who pronounce it “heyo,” is so easygoing that she often does not even know when she is the victim of a prank.

On a recent trip, she and her traveling roommate, Yael Averbuch, noticed a pungent stench in their hotel room, but never investigated it. O’Reilly did not think it was even worth mentioning it to the front desk. She just thought an odor was coming through the vents and would dissipate eventually.

Amazed that their prank had yet to pay off after several days, her teammates ended the joke. They revealed that they had planted a dirty diaper in her room, provided courtesy of Rampone’s baby. Rapinoe said they had no idea why she never bothered to look for it.

"They know that I’ll just keep smiling," O’Reilly said.

I love HAO’s personality and this team.


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We get off the bus and Digit goes “What are you wearing? You look like a chooch!”… And we go in to pick up our meal and we ask one of our teammates, “What is a chooch!? What does that mean? Is that a good thing, is that a bad thing? Are we in trouble?” [x]

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"At this point, I am about two PBRs away from lassoing a bald eagle and flying it to Russia myself in order to demonstrate just how fervently I ride-or-die for that team of weirdoes. A fire has been awakened within me, and its kindling is red, white and blue." | Here’s Why You Should Care About U.S. Women’s Hockey

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